About Us

Welcome to AVA Art Gallery (AVA), where beauty and art collide to portray an expression of the human spirit in its finest form. We strive to create a setting that allows artists an avenue for ultimate expression and the audience to experience them in their fullest potential.
AVA’s core objective is to complement art with culture, a culture embedded in beauty, generosity, compassion, love and all that makes humanity supreme. It is our hope, our mission, and our goal to be an instrument in fueling the fire of thirst for knowledge, and play a role in enriching that collective culture, a culture so prominent in art where there is no room left for war and hatred.
AVA takes special interest in promoting emerging artists so that these gifted individuals have the opportunity to reach their god given potential while enriching the community with their best and highest form of talent.

We encourage you to tour our website but more importantly, to stop by the gallery for a close encounter. And when you do, make sure you allow plenty of time for the visit, because once you are here, you will want to stay for a while.
  • نگارخانه آوا- ava art gallery
  • نگارخانه آوا- ava art gallery
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